Ekrem is the founder of WBC World Brands Consulting Ltd., London-based consultancy company working mainly for the international enlargement of retail brands.

Ekrem was born in Istanbul and graduated from Lycée Galatasaray, a valuable high school giving education in French, and Ankara University Political Sciences Faculty, whose bases go to the late Ottoman era.

He gained invaluable experience and knowledge during his years in government service and in private Turkish trade and business environment.

In his professional background, one can see the business achievements stemming from the combination of diplomacy and business.

As a native of Turkey, Ekrem has an in-depth knowledge of local Turkish political and social issues and trade culture.
He has the ability to adapt this trade culture with international business.

After 23 years of career in diplomacy, international sales and business life of which 14 years in retail as the Secretary General of BMD (United Brands Association of Turkey) Ekrem decided to use his knowledge and experience to give service to international brands willing to expand in new markets.

He works from London, UK and travels mainly to Istanbul, Turkey and other emerging markets where potential business opportunities grow.

Professional background

As the holder of a BA degree in international relations, Ekrem’s professional background started as a career diplomat of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he gave service for 2,5 years.

He continued his career in international sales and marketing field in automotive and household appliances sectors for 7 years.

Ekrem started to work in 2003 as the Secretary General of BMD, the leading non-governmental retail association of Turkey.

During his function, BMD witnessed a transformation from a small sized business community to a well-known retail association with numerous international activities. Following Ekrem's efforts for the international "expansion" of Turkish brands, the association has become a contact point for international investors, developers, franchise groups, service providers and management agencies looking for cooperation with Turkish brands.

Ekrem represented BMD at the Anti-Counterfeiting Committee of Brussels-based European Brands Association (AIM) and Washington-based National Retail Federation for 12 years between 2005-2017. He is still a member of NRF.