The guests of "Brand Hour" presented by Ekrem UTKU and aired on Perakende.TV were Ersin ARSLAN from MAVI and Ilkay AKAL from KARACA. They discussed the enlargement of Turkish brands in Europe and their international investments.


Serdar ERSOY from DEFACTO joined Ekrem UTKU for the new episode of "Brand Hour" aired on Perakende.TV. DEFACTO's international investment plans and C&A operation were the discussion subjects.

KOTON's Alp IDIKUT joined Ekrem UTKU for the "Brand Hour" program on Perakende.TV They discussed KOTON's growing plans and targets.

Mutlu SARACOGLU from KIGILI and Yonca AKOZER from ALKAS, MAPIC offial representative in Turkey, were the guests of Ekrem UTKU for the "Brand Hour" aired on Perakende.TV. MAPIC Fair in Cannes was the main subject of the program.

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The founder of World Brands Consulting, Ekrem UTKU joined a discussion program on Perakende TV and shared his experience on international enlargement and how to create business cooperation: